Cultural Heritage Resources

Upper Nicola’s cultural heritage resource department began as an Aboriginal interest project (AIP) in 2000 through innovative forestry practices funding in the Merritt timber supply area for cultural heritage resource research and mapping.

In 2008, the AIP was re-organized and became the cultural heritage resource (CHR) department with a mandate to collect, record and preserve the traditional knowledge of community members for the benefit of future generations.

CHR provides services in the following areas:

  • Technical support/research for Chief and Council in Aboriginal title and rights assertions, consultation, and natural resource negotiations

  • Work with the natural resource department to ensure UNB’s consultation procedures and policies are followed by government and industry for referrals (e.g. forestry, mining, wind farm explorations, etc.)

  • Identifying culturally-sensitive areas and developing recommendations for their protection

Our CHR department also manages cultural heritage projects (e.g. traditional use studies, Aboriginal interest use studies, archaeology overview assessments, archaeology impact assessments, wildlife surveys, environmental assessments, etc.), and ensures Upper Nicola has input for heritage impact management plans and site-specific protection plans (including chance find procedures) for archaeology or cultural heritage sites/resources found during monitoring of construction activities in our territory.


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