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Call for UNB Finance Audit Committee Member

By November 22, 2022No Comments

Upper Nicola Band is in search of Upper Nicola Band member to serve as a Finance Audit Committee (FAC) member for two years: January 2023 — January 2025.

UNB initially passed their Finance Administration Law (FAL) in 2014 and updated it in 2018. The goal of the UNB Financial Administration Law 2018 is to practice transparency and accountability to UNB Members. The law describes roles, responsibilities of leadership and administration to ensure that community funds are managed in a transparent manner and that there is accountability to the members.

In 2020 UNB received financial management system certification from the Financial Management Board. The certification provides assurance that UNB is implementing the UNB FAL 2018, and its supporting policies to a high standard.

The Finance Audit Committee assists Chief and Council to carrying out its oversight responsibilities for financial reporting, internal control, and risk management processes. The Committee Member would be expected to commit to preparing for and attending a minimum of ten committee meetings a year.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be independent of Upper Nicola Band and free of any conflict of interest.
  • As defined in the UNB FAL: to be independent, you do not have a direct or indirect financial relationship with UNB that could interfere with your judgement as a member of the UNB Finance Audit Committee.
  • Have financial competency that is defined as “ability to read and understand general purpose financial statements that present accounting issues and disclosures reasonably expected to be raised by the Upper Nicola Band’s financial statements.

Compensation is provided on a per meeting basis.

To Apply: Submit a resume and a cover letter, to the address below. Applications will be accepted until Friday, January 5, 2023, at 12 Noon to:

Upper Nicola Band, Attention: Administrator
General Delivery Douglas Lake, BC VOE ISO

If you have any questions, concerns or require further information, please contact the Band Administrator.