Upper Nicola’s Health Office

Upper Nicola’s health office has two primary roles: responding to individual health concerns and needs, as well as promoting good health. Our approach is focused on the health of our clients and promotes a partnership between us and the individual. This partnership is based on a common goal, shared effort and good communication. This approach provides a better basis for community members to work with health staff to prevent and jointly care for health problems.

Our health office continues to work as a team to improve the personal wellness of our community members. Prevention is key to lifelong health, as many health problems can be avoided through living a healthy lifestyle.

Our health office supported a number of self-care activities including weekly wellness days, cooking demonstrations, exercise classes, mental wellness, nutrition, sports, food gathering, cultural practices, and community social events.

The biggest success of these activities and events is the high participation of individuals and families in the community. The majority of participants are very interested in managing their own health through practicing healthier living and are keen to attend activities offered.