Home Support

Home Support Program

Upper Nicola’s Home Support program is based on needs, meaning clients have little to no resources to help themselves, both financially and including help from family. The goal of the program is to help people remain independent. Members with acute and chronic conditions will live independently in their homes as long as possible through self-care, family involvement, supportive holistic Syilx community health services, and additional off-reserve services.


Once someone is referred to the program, a thorough client assessment will be done by the home care nurse to understand the challenges, strengths and resources a client has. From there, a care plan will be developed that outlines what services will be done and for how long. Clients are re-assessed on a regular basis and the care plan is updated to reflect their changing needs.

Home Support Services:

  • Personal Care – Bathing and hygiene assistance provided by a trained Care Aide.
  • Homemaking – Help with light housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation for Elders and people with disabilities to promote independence and safety.
  • Respite – In-home relief for caregivers of people with mental or physical disabilities.