Upper Nicola

A strong, flourishing community in harmony with our Tmixw.

Upper Nicola is a proud, inclusive Syilx community working together to promote Suxwtxtem, teach our Captikwl and committed to building foundations through En’owkin’wixw.

About Upper Nicola Band

A strong, flourishing community in harmony with our Tmixw.

Upper Nicola is located 45 km east of Merritt and 90 km south of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Upper Nicola has eight reserves located near Nicola Lake and Douglas Lake. Upper Nicola’s two main residential communities are located on Nicola Lake (IR #1), and at the west end of Douglas Lake (IR #3). These communities are known locally as Spaxomin (Douglas Lake) and Quilchena (Nicola Lake). The reserves comprise approximately 30,848 acres that span a range of 50 kilometers along Highway 5A and the Douglas Lake Road.

About Upper Nicola Band

Upper Nicola is the only Syilx (Okanagan) community in the Nicola watershed. In the 18th century, ancestors of Upper Nicola permanently inhabited the Upper Nicola and Salmon River watersheds as a result of the Fish Lake Accord with the Kamloops Shuswap tribe.

Governed by the Indian Act, and through customary laws and policies, Upper Nicola continues to work towards regaining control over our affairs as an unconquered people.

Around the Community

Within the two communities of Spaxomin (Douglas Lake) and Quilchena, there are 138 residential homes and just under 20 small businesses operating on-reserve, as well as an enhanced domestic water system. There are also over 500 horses and over 250 cows owned by various families.

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Cultural Heritage Resources

Upper Nicola’s cultural heritage resource department began as an Aboriginal interest project (AIP) in 2000, through innovative forestry practices funding, in the Merritt timber supply area for cultural heritage resource research and mapping.

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