Our People

Today, our community has 980 registered members.

The majority of UNB members (63%) do not live on UNB reserves. UNB membership has grown by about 21% since 2001 (1.2% annually) when there were 810 members. Off-reserve population has grown more quickly (1.5% annually) than on-reserve (0.8% annually).

Like many First Nations, Upper Nicola has a relatively young population with 56% of registered members aged 40 and under. In general, the population living on reserve is older than members who live off of reserve. The median age for UNB members is between 36 and 40, which is significantly younger than the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (45.2) and Merritt (46.5).

The data in this section comes from Statistics Canada’s 2016 Census, Indigenous Service Canada’s First Nation Profiles, and various UNB plans and reports.