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UNB Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP)

UNB has been working to develop our Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) since 2018.

Community Engagement included:

  • CCP Open Houses
  • Youth, Elders (e.g., the Grandmothers Group), and family events
  • Staff Working Sessions
  • Topic-specific meetings (e.g., N’kwala School)
  • Council Sessions
  • Annual General Assemblies (August 2018, August 2019, August 2020)
  • UNB Summer Science Camp (July 2018)
  • Facebook videos, newsletters, UNB website, and social media posts

Community Input

  • 80+ initial action ideas from members, past plans, staff input, etc.
  • Prioritization by community members during Open House #2 +
  • Screening activity by Managers
  • 20 final Actions in Draft CCP

Final Actions

The UNB CCP includes three levels of Final Actions: Quick Starts, Foundational Actions and Medium-Term Actions.

Quick Starts

  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Youth-Elders Program
  • Growing Healthy Program
  • Health Priorities Identification
  • CCP Annual Report
  • Community Grant Program
  • Community Recycling and Compost Program
  • Housing Fact Sheet

Foundational Actions

  • Housing Upkeep and Maintenance Program
  • Youth Council
  • Culture and Language Committee
  • Lands Committee
  • Economic Development Strategy
  • Education Strategy

Medium – Term Actions

  • UNB Land Code
  • UNB Self-Governance Plan
  • Lake Access and Facilities
  • Elders Housing
  • Community multiplex Design Study
  • Improve Lighting and Road Conditions

The draft Comprehensive Community Plan was presented to UNB Members in February 2020 and on February 24, 2021 and approved by Chief and Council on April 6, 2021.

We have been working on implementing the following CCP Actions:

  1. Growing Healthy Program
  2. Health Priorities Identification
  3. CCP Annual Report
  4. Community Grant Program
  5. Community Recycling and Compost Program
  6. Housing Fact Sheet
  7. Economic Development Strategy
  8. Education Strategy
  9. UNB Self-Governance Plan
  10. Community multiplex Design Study
  11. Improve Lighting and Road Conditions

UNB Strategic Plan

The UNB Strategic Plan is updated on an annual basis. The last strategic plan that has been updated is the 2022-27 plan. Chief and Council and Managers will be updating the Strategic Plan in Winter 2022.


Each fiscal year, Upper Nicola Band produces an Annual Report to provide updates to UNB Members on all work initiated throughout the fiscal year. Please see the Annual Reports for 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21, and 2021-22 attached for membership review.