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u Stəmtímaʔ

u Stəmtímaʔ

u Stəmtímaʔ (Grandmothers Group) represent UNB Chief and Council on all matters relating to UNB Relations, as per Band Council Resolution 2021-01-18-01

From 2017 – 2020:

  • There were 5 members
  • The Grandmothers Declaration was developed
  • The Terms of Reference was developed
  • 2017 Protocol Agreement with Scw’exmx Child and Family Services Society was developed
  • One employee – Child and Family Preservation Worker
  • We hosted the following events and activities: Gathering of our Relations; Baby Welcoming; Name Giving

2020 to today: u Stəmtímaʔ

  • There are 20+ members
  • We have two + employees working to support the work of the u Stəmtímaʔ
  • We have created a 13 Moon Community Events Calendar to promote healthy relations, and healthy families
  • We have participated in training and workshops to assist us to better understand
  • We have updated the u Stəmtímaʔ Declaration (see attached).
  • We are working to reassert and assume our full inherent Indigenous jurisdiction as an Aboriginal (S. 35) right in Canada, over our relations, defined as all children, families and community members living on and off reserve, including legal adoptions from the Government of British Columbia. In accordance with Upper Nicola’s Band Council Resolution of Sept. 30, 2017, the u Stəmtímaʔ have been given the right (together with the UNB Child and Family Preservation Worker and the Health Director) to represent and plan for all matters relating to the children, youth and families of Upper Nicola Band.
  • All work that we are doing is identified in our strategic plan.

If any Upper Nicola Band u Stəmtímaʔ (Grandmothers) want to join us, please contact Della Chillihitzia, u Stəmtímaʔ Assistant at