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Nsyilxcən Language

nsyilxcən or nqilxʷcn is the language spoken by the Interior Salish peoples, this includes the community of Upper Nicola Band. As with most Indigenous languages, nsyilxcən, is at a critical point for revitalization.

Prioritizing Cultural Identity

A strong, flourishing community in harmony with our tmixʷ

The Nsyilxcən Language Department was developed to address the Upper Nicola Band’s Community Strategic priority of Cultural Identity. The goal of this priority include: 1) An increase in communication with all members about events and celebrations 2) To document and share culture, language, and knowledge 3) To increase reasons to celebrate being part of Upper Nicola.

Language Revitalization 

The Nsyilxcən Language Team ensures that the efforts of Language Revitalization are effective and implemented in all aspects of Upper Nicola Band.

The Nsyilxcən Language Team works with other band departments, neighbouring communities, and other partnerships to promote the Nsyilxcən Language within our territory.

The Language Team is Committed to the Following

  • Identification of strategies that support Language revitalization
  • Documentation and resource creation of the Nsyilxcən Language
  • Development of well-planned, effective, and consistent language programming that is accessible to the community. This includes providing the community with Language learning opportunities through the hosting of events, virtual learning, language classes, learning on the Land, supporting a sense of identity through the Nsyilxcən language.
  • On-going capacity building of Language learners and speakers. This includes Language initiatives such as supporting new Language learners, connecting with our Fluent Speakers and Knowledge Keepers, and also providing Language-related career opportunities.

UNB Common Nsyilxcən Language

Please feel free to copy and paste into your emails, newsletters, and other publications

x̌ast łkʷəkʷʕast Good Morning
x̌ast sx̌l̓x̌ʕal̓t Good Day
x̌ast sn̓yak̓ʷqín Good Afternoon
 x̌ast sk̓laxʷ Good Evening
 x̌ast sn̓kʷəkʷʔac Good Night
nín̓wis łwikn̓tsn Good Night
 nín̓wis łwikłmn See you later
(literal: I will see you later)
nín̓wis łwikłmn See you all later (more than 1)
(literal: I will see you all later)
kʷu kʷukʷstxʷ Thank you
(literal: You did a good deed for me/us)
kʷu kʷukʷstp Thank you (more than one)
Thank you to you all
(literal: You all did a good deed for me/us)
limləmt Thank you
way̓ Hello / Goodbye / Yes

If you have a question in regards to the Nsyilxcen Language, or need a quick translation/spelling of a word or phrase, please feel free to email myself, Maynard McRae Jr., Nsyilxcen Language Manager

Additional Language Resources