Social Development

Upper Nicola’s Social Development

Upper Nicola’s social development department provides temporary support to eligible clients in need who live within the community. Two of the guiding principles of the program are respect and confidentiality.

To receive income assistance, clients must meet specific eligibility requirements, as the social development department is guided by service standards. While receiving benefits, clients are responsible for completing all required documents, disclosing all required information, using all available resources to support themselves before applying for income assistance, and promptly informing the department of any personal or household changes that may affect eligibility.

If a client is able to work, they are responsible for seeking work at all times, participating in employability programs, and working toward complete independence. We are also able to assist clients that are unable to work with the application of disability programs.

Our department is also able to issue support and shelter allowances to assist with basic needs. There is also a ‘special needs’ category that may allow assistance with work clothes, work transportation, covering the cost of training programs, and emergency supplies. Under special circumstances, home repairs may also be approved if the repair is classified as a health and safety issue.