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What is CAN-8?

CAN-8 is a computer program where all you need is a computer, internet connection and headphones, and you can learn your language. CAN-8 is just another learning tool, but it is a tool where you can learn your language at your own pace, in the comfort of others and or in private. CAN-8 is a multiple learning resource, as everyone learns differently, it offers visual, verbal, individual and social learning. It may not offer physical learning, but in Language classes with language teachers, it can help. If you have a Computer, an Account and a Network connection, you C.A.N start with CAN-8 now. You can with

Click the link provided below to download CAN-8, all you need next is a username and password, contact and or

CAN-8 Download

Emily Lindley-Payou, Kwu Xast Facilitator

  • The word kwU Xast means Better Together
  • Kwu Xast is committed to bringing back cultural practices that have dwindled after generations of residential school attendance
  • Kwu Xast goal: revitalize our culture and traditional language and teachings